Humans love sporting. Short from bludgeoning each other[1] to death, sports are an outlet to show that we’re better than the next man. It also provides drama, entertainment, and suspense that you’d be hard pressed to find in television or movies. After all, there are some things you just can’t make up.

The Tour de France began as a marketing tool to sell newspapers[2]. It proved to be successful because regular folks like you & I loved the accounts of the original hardmen battling for position on the cols of France. The plebes aspired to achieve the feats of Coppi, Merckx, and Hinault. Most didn’t make it, but they sure as hell could  buy the same gear and dream.

What Pros Use is 80% research, 20% commentary on the gear that supernormal folks use to claw their way to success around the world. We’ll be focusing on the tools that people use to get things done, not so much particular activities[3].

  1. not a dig on MMA []
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  3. Don’t be surprised to find creative people from all fields here []

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  1. Terok says:

    what makes cav a legend is the fact he has assmaed all these victories over a short period of time he still has many years to achieve so much more a credit to the sport and all cyclists professional and purely those who just love to ride may he carry on for years to come go the cav!

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This is a blog about finding & sharing the gear that freakishly good cyborgs humans use to achieve awesomeness. The rest of us can at least look the part and dream. Thanks to Bindle for the collages we use here.